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  • Launching events easily
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  • 5+ years of experience in the events industry

Over 200 domestic and international clients

Why ActiUp?

Leading the market in sports and entertainment event tickets

Serving over 200+ events annually, providing solutions for more than 250,000 individual customers and a suite of technology solutions for professional event organizers.

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Core Features

Core Features

Selling your tickets

List your tickets quickly on the ActiUp E-commerce Platform

Quick ticket control

Event ticketing solution with user-friendly ticket scanning system

Centralized data

Manage centralized data, synchronize, and analyze consumer behavior simply


Experience the features designed
for event organizers






Monthly Traffic



ActiUp Workspace

Manage your events with
ActiUp Workspace

  • Manage your events
  • Manage your attendees
  • Manage your tickets
  • Track actual revenue
  • Simplify promotion management
  • Easily personalize customer experience

We are committed to sustainable development with you

A diverse feature-rich tool for your events!

Easily provide your customers with new experiences through comprehensive and specialized solutions.

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A variety of safe and secure payment methods provided by leading reputable partners.

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Our experience

Festivals & Concerts

Over 12,000 attendees

√ Ticket distribution
√ Check-in service

Sport Events

Over 15,000 attendees

√ Ticket distribution
√ Check-in service

Attendee control

Fast speed, ticket scanning time under 20 secs per person

√ Check-in service
√ Operation
√ Onsite Help desk

Strategic partners

Start selling tickets and managing your events with ActiUp!

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